The Musician’s Venture

TMV is a podcast focused on lessons learned via the musician’s backstory, as well as building successful careers in the business. Host Allison Emm interviews artists/industry experts, and offers insights based on events Wisconsin Music Ventures has produced. Available on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever you might listen to podcasts. Theme music was composed and performed by Wisconsin musician Mike Neumeyer.

Contact WMV with your guest and/or topic suggestions. All thoughtful, relevant ideas and guests that may discuss topics of interest for the show will be considered.

I’ve enjoyed everything about your podcasts! It’s just so helpful to hear different perspectives, and it’s chock full of great ideas. I enjoy hearing from all the local musicians I might not have heard about otherwise. I “found” Kostia on it and I’m hiring him for a December Concert.

Nicole Moritz of Slinger, WI

Host Allison Emm with in-person interviewees (from top to bottom) Twan Mack, Logan Penington, Suzanne Grzanna, Ayisha Jaffer and Zoy Begos.