WMV Testimonials

What’s the word on our events?

Industry Talks Sessions

WMV’s Zoom was informative and inspiring. You’re able to see first hand, that you’re not alone as an artist and creative. I recommend it from a knowledge gathering and support network standpoint. 
I’m thankful I was included and look forward to more experiences with WMV!

– Antoine Mack, Green Room Member

This was, by far, the best Zoom I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Truly inspirational and informative. Allison was a wonderful host and the participants had genuine insight and honest questions/answers. It rekindled my dying embers.

– Michael Christian, Homegrown Music Festival

Online Performances

We were thrilled with our virtual performance by Mike Neumeyer! Allison and Mike were total pros and worked with our music department to develop a program that was both meaningful and engaging for elementary students. Mike even accommodated a special request and learned one of the students’ favorite songs from music class. Allison was a great host and kept the students involved by asking questions and sharing comments from the chat. We would be delighted to collaborate with Wisconsin Music Ventures for a similar event in the future!

-Erin Denk, Port Washington-Saukville School District

I really enjoyed that it was in a very intimate arrangement with the Zoom meeting! Especially that we had the ability to interact and ask questions throughout the concert and after the concert.”

– Eddie S.

WMV Patron Testimonials

Music is a powerful energy in my life, and that power is amplified in the opportunities I have to witness music being created live. Supporting the efforts to coordinate, promote and create more live music is a no-brainer decision. I am grateful for every live show I’ve attended in my life, so I’m thankful for what WMV is doing is create more opportunities for live music appreciation.

-Nick O’Brien

The Wisconsin Music Ventures in-person events have been a wonderful bright spot while social activities have been sparse.  This year the line-up of venues and local musicians look to be super exciting!  During the summer of 2020, Allison and the WMV team were able to navigate the limitations placed on venues and social events due to the pandemic.  I attended their summer live music series at the Sharon Wilson Center Burke Colonnade Cafe, a beautiful outdoor venue with great acoustics and a coffee bar!  I also attended events at the Story Hill FireHouse, a historic “bungalow style” firehouse offering a unique venue experience.  All events were not only entertaining and uplifting but also comfortable and safe.  As a patron, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support this organization.  I highly recommend attending a WMV event!!

-Suzana Gossett, Founder of Brilliance 360, LLC

Venue Partners

Allison, her team and her musicians are always top notch with talent and communication when hosting their gatherings with us at Story Hill FireHouse.  We LOVE having events with WMV and look forward to many more.

-Janelle Meyer-Brown, Story Hill FireHouse

The Corners of Brookfield treasures their partnership with Wisconsin Music Venture. WMV is a catalyst for local music and are a wonderful, educational and connective organization that the Milwaukee and surrounding area is lucky to have! The resource they have become for not only musicians, but also businesses looking to support local music is profound!

-Chelsea Roessler, Marketing & Events Director at The Corners of Brookfield

Green Room Members

I just want to say thank you so much for having me to Silverspot recently, Shawn and I felt really lucky to be there in new territory and with the sponsorship support. I also want to thank you for the prior event at Sandy Knoll. I feel like being a part of WMV has already been so worth it, being able to play shows where artist work is more appreciated – the difference is so obvious.

-Amelia Ford, Singer/Songwriter

Lately I have made some connections that have been really productive and helped to focus my limited time towards logical, realistic goals. Much thanks to Wisconsin Music Ventures for stepping up for the music community in this state and taking the lead to try and help us all steer out of the abyss. They are working really hard, bringing musicians together from all corners as well as finding practical answers and resources that will hopefully allow us to transition productively into the new world coming and beyond.

-Dave Schoepke, Drummer

Wisconsin Music Ventures is truly a musician’s best friend. Allison Emm (tireless super hero of all things musical), has put together an incredible team who have the same work ethic and love of music. I have been a musician in the Milwaukee music scene for over 20 years & would have loved to have WMV around when I was first getting going. The virtual workshops I have attended have been full of pertinent information and also very entertaining. As a performer, my favorite shows to play at last year were through WMV – one at a beautiful old fire house and another at the gorgeous No Studios. I think every single musician in Milwaukee should be a member! It’s a win win!

-Carmen Nickerson, Singer/Songwriter

I feel like I’m finally a part of a music community because of WMV.

-Karli Reisdorf, Natural Satellite Duo

Thanks for all the wonderful introductions. I’m starting to form some great relationships with other musicians thanks to WMV.

– Emily Zimmer, Musician/Songwriter

You have created something that has sorely been missing in Milwaukee: a real inclusive sense of community amongst musicians. It’s great to be a part of a group that educates and celebrates diversity in music

– Marcya Daneille, Vocalist

In-Person Event Attendees

I have thoroughly enjoyed each live event that I have attended! I have loved bringing my teenage children for outings and inviting friends that I know will appreciate a quality, family friendly, uplifting event. There is a genuine feeling of community that, in these crazy days seems so absent! The venues are delightful to visit and the musicians top notch. I feel so lucky to be connected with Wisconsin Music Ventures and look forward to many more opportunities to experience new local musicians and support the organization!

Julie Gross, Lisbon Creek Systems


I’ve enjoyed everything about your podcasts! It’s just so helpful to hear different perspectives, and it’s chock full of great ideas. I enjoy hearing from all the local musicians I might not have heard about otherwise. I “found” Kostia on him and I’m hiring him for a December Concert.

Nicole Moritz of Slinger, WI