The Green Room & More

The Green Room is Wisconsin Music Venture’s passion lived out. We want to help you with the behind-the-scenes work that will prepare you for your next step. More answers here on what the Green Room is all about. View our current list of Green Room members here.

We are prioritizing Green Room musicians for WMV live music events. 

Our Green Room program is now full, as of May 2021.

You may still apply for the Backstage Pass!

Find the Backstage Pass application at the bottom of this page. The Backstage Pass allows musicians essentially all the same parts of the Green Room program, except guaranteeing gigs and a website listing on our page. Backstage Pass members are invited to all community events (Industry Talks, Sunday Night Socials as well as musician workshops). 

Join our Green Room waiting list here. Backstage Pass membership fees can be applied toward the Green Room cost. 

We will revisit our Green Room membership wait list at the beginning of each month. Depending on our upcoming event schedule, we may be able to accommodate additional members then. 

WMV Green Room ($200/Year)

  • We guarantee one paid gig at some point throughout the year, through our events
  • We will list you on our website as a Green Room musician
  • We will promote you in our media in the following ways
    • You will be a featured musician on one of our weekly e-newsletters
    • You can choose either one blog post, or one social media post promoting a “big” show, project, or promoting yourself as an artist
  • A spotlight on The Musician’s Venture Podcast (a ten minute segment on who you are, what you do, and current project)
  • Two 1-hour consulting sessions (topics include: website audit, strategic planning, marketing plan audit, referrals to other venues and musicians, basic recording technology assistance)
  • We will connect you with WMV Business Patrons
  • Free access to Musician Workshops, Sunday Night Socials and Industry Talks Sessions
  • Access to member portal
  • A WMV T-Shirt!

While we would love to help every musician, our organization is small and we have to limit the amount of musicians we work with. In order to be accepted into The Green Room, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must provide a link to an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) or provide links to information that makes up an EPK
  • You must have a functioning website (with a bio, photos, videos, and contact info)
  • You must provide a link us to listen to your music or previous performances (Recordings, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, BandCamp, YouTube, etc.)
  • You must have at least two hours of music for a performance set ready

Feel free to apply if you satisfy the criteria listed above (application below). We will be reviewing every application and will let you know if you have been accepted within five days after your application has been submitted.

*Any application not conforming to the specifications above may be ineligible at the discretion of WMV*

For any musicians we have not worked with previously, a one-on-one meeting will be required before your application is submitted. Contact Giselle for further information –

If you do not qualify for The Green Room right now, you still have options! Apply below for a Backstage Pass (open to all) which includes some Green Room perks; or, request a Spotlight Service via email.

WMV Backstage Pass ($100/Year)

  • Featured musician on one of our weekly e-newsletter
  • 1 hour consulting session on one of the topics listed below
  • We will connect you with WMV Business Patrons
  • Free access to Musician Workshops, Sunday Night Socials and Industry Talks Sessions
  • Access to member portal
  • A WMV T-Shirt!

Spotlight Services are consulting sessions on the topics listed below (one topic per session). Sessions are priced at $75/hour. Contact Giselle to set up your consulting session –

  • Strategic Planning
  • Developing Your Business Plan
  • Website Audit/Building
  • Marketing Plan Audit
  • Basic Recording Technology Assistance
  • Building and Maintaining Your Private Studio
  • Referral Session: We find out what your goals are, then introduce you to people who can help to make them happen.   

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