The Insouciant Guitar Sheridan Park
The Insouciant Guitar duo, performing at Sheridan Park in Cudahy in August, 2019

Motivating musicians and audiences to experience inspiring performance environments by partnering with unlikely local destinations.

Wisconsin Music Ventures is a program that was founded in the summer of 2019 by Milwaukee area musician and private instructor Allison Schweitzer. Her idea was to plan events that might be different and exciting for her private students to attend, being held at interesting – often outdoor – locations.

In planning these experiences for her private studio, she thought a) wouldn’t it be great to open some up to other students, and b) many of these “venues” would be amazing, scenic spots at which other local musicians could perform small-scale concerts.

Ideally venues will be unique for musicians, fit for small-scale concerts, and very “Wisconsin” in nature. Musicians selected will be originally from and/or currently residing in Wisconsin, or performing works written by a Wisconsinite. Special encouragement and ultimately preference will be given to those musicians who perform original works.

Have you got musician, composer and/or venue ideas? Let us know.

There are four main events that currently comprise Wisconsin Music Ventures:


Farm photo on WMV site credit: Katie Zander of Port Washington, WI