Current Patrons

Thank YOU, Individual Patrons!

Rachel Bain of Verona, WI

Kris Wolfe and Elsa Knysak of Wauwatosa, WI

BJ Lillo of Sunnyvale, CA

Derek Lind of Pine River, WI

Christina Beaupre of West Allis, WI

Nick O’Brien of Milwaukee, WI

Steven Olikara of Milwaukee, WI

Melissa Slocum of Suwanee, Georgia

Chris and Lindsey Uitz of West Allis, WII

Steve Withington of Wauwatosa, WI

Dave and Cathy Zabler of Greenfield, WI

Shannon Ross of Milwaukee, WI

Elsa, WMV’s first and longtime patron.

Thank YOU, Business Patrons!