Green Room FAQs

Is the Green Room a pay-to-play model?

No. The Green Room is a community of high-level musicians that receives benefits through WMV such as connecting with musicians they may not have been aware of, networking opportunities, exclusive workshops and more to help them with their goals for the year. Gigs are a bonus; a byproduct of the whole experience. WMV does not have any exclusivity arrangements with venues we work with, intentionally.

Musicians interested in getting involved with WMV don’t have to be a part of the Green Room to benefit from the community. We do have some meet-ups, online concerts and other events for musicians to take part in/perform for without being Green Room members. Make sure you’re receiving our e-newsletter so that you know when those things are happening. Contact us if you are interested in performing for an online event through WMV.

Is the WMV Green Room a booking agency?

No. Wisconsin Music Ventures is a live music community with concert series components that sometimes holds other special events. We guarantee Green Room members a spot in at least one WMV-affiliated, paid gig. We ensure our gigs pay appropriately to musicians, and work with particular venue partners to do so. Our goal is to create a strong community of artists, venues and patrons.

We are happy to connect Green Room members with people who reach out to us, asking for acts to play for their own (non-WMV) events . In those cases we direct them to our Green Room member listing, so they can contact the musicians themselves.

We love our venue partners, and never expect them to work with us exclusively. Should a musician wish to perform for one of the venues that we work with without going through the WMV Green Room, just ask them. They’re awesome.

What am I paying for?

WMV wants to be able to provide all of the support it can for its member musicians at the lowest possible cost to them. Monthly workshops and Industry Talks sessions (which have an entry fee) are no additional cost to all member musicians, after having paid their annual membership fee. The recorded versions are available to watch at anytime for Green Room members through our member portal. Lots of resources and other advice is given through our Sunday night socials and member newsletters.

We will also make sure to connect members with musicians, WMV patrons and venues that could be helpful for them. We want everyone involved with us to succeed in whatever their goals are for the upcoming year!

How do I let WMV know I’m interested?

Reach out to WMV’s Experience Planner & Artist Liaison Suzanne.

NY-Based Green Room Member Rachel Haymer, in Wisconsin, performing for a private event.