Green Room FAQs

Is the Green Room a pay-to-play model?

No. The Green Room is a community of Wisconsin based musicians that receives benefits through WMV such as consulting sessions, gig opportunities, exclusive workshops and more to help them along in their individual careers.

Is the WMV Green Room a booking agency?

No. Wisconsin Music Ventures is a concert series. We guarantee Green Room members a spot in a WMV affiliated event. However, we are happy to connect Green Room members with venues that reach out to us asking for acts to play for their events (directing them to our site listing). Our goal is to create a networking community of artists, venues and patrons.

What am I paying for?

The guaranteed consulting/referral sessions alone are valued at $75/hour. WMV wants to be able to provide all of the support it can for its Green Room members at the lowest possible cost to them. Workshops and Industry Talks sessions (which are normally paid-for-events) are free-of-charge to all Green Room members. The recorded versions are available to watch at anytime for Green Room members through our member portal.

We also will make sure to connect members with musicians, WMV patrons and venues that could be helpful for them. We want everyone involved with us to succeed in whatever their goals are for the upcoming year!

How do I let WMV know I’m interested?

Simple! Just send an email to Giselle and she will answer your questions.