Spotlight of the Week: 7000apart

7000apart is a gifted alternative pop duo from Sweden and Green Bay. Singer Amelie Eiding and husband Jon Kresin have been collaborating and building their career together touring all over Wisconsin. They recently performed at the Mayfair Collection, where I had the opportunity to interview them.

Me: My first question is, how has your involvement with Wisconsin Music Ventures grown or changed over the past two years?

Jon: I feel like Wisconsin Music Ventures has just changed a bit- 

Amelie: The new thing is that we’re hosting the songwriter meet-up online. We host that, which is huge. So we’re like, actually hosting an event with WMV, and that’s something we didn’t do from the beginning, obviously. So that’s the biggest change. 

Jon: And Wisconsin Music Ventures has just grown a lot too. 

Amelie: I would say we are as active as we were when we started, but I would say we’ve tried to stay active this whole time with Wisconsin Music Ventures. Try to go to all the meetups and all the online stuff that we can. But the monthly musician meet up and the songwriters meetup we’ve always been in too.

Me: What in your music has changed since our last interview with you guys?

Jon: Probably touring and gigging. A lot of the stuff we’ve been working on has just changed. We didn’t have this van-

Amelie: Our latest EP was announced which is something that we’ve been working on. I mean, just our second album. Feel Your Feelings. This has come a long way and it’s almost out and ready for the world.

Me: What kinds of major music accomplishments have you had so far in 2023?

Amelie: We bought a van! That was the biggest upgrade. We’re touring more. I mean, we’re doing like 80 or 90 dates this summer.

Jon: We’ve got a few new press things.

Me: Are you gonna decorate your van?

Amelie & Jon: We’re looking for a sponsor, so if they wanna pay us a couple of $1000 and slap their logo on our van, we’re very much up for it.

Me: What was your favorite performance or stage that you played at this year?

Amelie: Bastille Days was really fun. 

Jon: That was least expected, but it was great.

Amelie: Also Shawano Fest, I feel like those two were really great ones. I mean, the Cup O Joy is like our home venue in Green Bay and we did a show there and that was really awesome. 

Me: What do you hope for the future of 7000apart in the upcoming year?

Amelie: we’re hoping to have released Side B, so Feel Your Feelings.

Jon: Finally having a second album fully out in the world. We’re trying to be more in charge of our destiny a bit more, like take more control over what we’re doing instead of hoping something works out, but just keep chasing after the things we know we need.

Amelie: Yeah, we need to get some more help with what we’re doing now. Like we’re doing our absolute best just being the two of us in the van and stuff. But we could definitely use some even more help. (laughs)

Me: My last question is what are you guys currently working on that we should be on the lookout for, in addition to the next album?

Amelie: Check out our website! We’re on tour this whole summer, so we’ll be all over Wisconsin to come hang out. We love when people show up and obviously we always have a good time and we try to share that as much as we can with everyone that comes to the gig.

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