Spotlight of the Week: Samuel Herb

Samuel Herb is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville, originally from Florida. With a sound rooted in country and Americana, he’s racked up streams in over fifty countries around the world. His most recent single “Scorpio” came out in February.

ME: How did you get involved in Wisconsin Music Ventures?

SAMUEL: I have a couple friends who I met at a Sofar Sounds show in Louisville, Kentucky that are in 7000apart. I was trying to play a show in Milwaukee and I asked them if there was a way I could do it, and they said “we sure do.” They introduced me to Allison, and from there I got involved.

ME: Nice. Where’d you end up doing the show?

SAMUEL: Best Place at the Pabst Brewery. I played outside on the patio.

ME: Dope, that’s a cool place.

ME: Tell me about your most recent single, “Scorpio.”

SAMUEL: It’s kind of a joke song about people who blame their terrible actions on whatever their zodiac sign is. I wrote it about a specific person and later found out she’s not a Scorpio.

ME: (laughs) My partner is actually a Scorpio. I don’t really know much about astrology myself other than my signs.

SAMUEL: I’m the same way. I check Co-Star every now and again.

ME: It’s good for a little daily validation; I just don’t subscribe much to the dogma of it.

ME: I saw that you’re planting trees for every one thousand streams. Can you tell me more about that?

SAMUEL: Yeah, so I’m partnered with a group called One Tree Planet and it basically costs a dollar per tree to plant. They plant them wherever they’re needed most; I choose to plant them in US natural forests. I also plant one tree for every piece of merch that I sell. I just planted another hundred last week, so that puts us somewhere around 800.

ME: Awesome. What kind of trees are they?

SAMUEL: It’s whatever saplings One Tree Planet are doing. You don’t get to pick which kind but it’s a native species. If you don’t like trees, you’re either allergic to them or just love watching the world burn.

ME: I’m allergic to them but still love them. I’ll sneeze a couple times and then get over it (laughs).

ME: I saw that you also have a Kickstarter.

SAMUEL: I did have one but it ended in March. We were successfully funded for my first full-length album, which is going to be called “Copper Sunshine.” We’re tracking right now; I’m actually recording vocals on Monday. It’s going to be eleven songs, and we’re going to plant some more trees.

ME: That’s exciting! What will you be up to this summer?

SAMUEL: I’m probably going to play a couple shows here and there, kind of taking it easy because the last few years I’ve gone really hard on shows and not really focused on recording and getting music out. I’m focusing on that now, and in June it’s looking like I’ll be releasing an NFT.

Visit Samuel Herb’s website here.

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