Spotlight of the Week: RAF & Company

RAF & Company is a band that fuses rock, pop and jazz. “Company” refers to both the people playing the music and the people listening to the music. Originally from the Milwaukee area, they are now based in Madison. Their most recent single “Lovely Ladies” came out in December.

ME: To start, how did you get involved with Wisconsin Music Ventures?

RAF: I actually got involved when I went to an open mic at Bottle House 42. I had been hearing about Wisconsin Music Ventures as I was getting into the Milwaukee music scene, and the link was through John Justus from Hallowtribe. He introduced me to Allison, and from there I got connected, and I’ve been trying to contribute in any way, shape or form since.

ME: Awesome. Yeah, it started for a lot of people at Bottle House 42.

RAF: It was a cool spot but I think shortly after I went, it stopped…so I’m glad I made it.

ME: Your most recent single “Lovely Ladies” came out in December. Can you tell me a little about that song?

RAF: That song was a homage to all the iconic ladies we’ve sung about. I reference Roxanne, Stacy, Jolene, Valerie – I just wanted to encapsulate the idea that we don’t really know these people more than just their names, and it became a cool production that was fun to make.

ME: So, basically about any woman whose first name is the title of a hit song.

RAF: Exactly (laughs).

ME: It’s summer out already, it feels like. How hot did it get in Madison yesterday?

RAF: It was in the 80s and very humid. It was pretty rough, honestly.

ME: It crept up on us pretty fast. I’m not complaining, though. That said, what’s the perfect summer day for you?

RAF: I like a cool 60s day with little clouds. I love longboarding, so I’m probably riding somewhere with my ukulele in hand. You could swim but also break a sweat kind of day. I’d end the day with a guitar around a bonfire.

ME: Maybe making some s’mores too…that sounds ideal. I can’t wait to do a lot of that in the next few months.

ME: I’m actually not too familiar with Madison’s nightlife. What’s your favorite place to have a drink on the patio?

RAF: I love going out to The Terrace. It’s on the lake, and when the sun is setting it’s really pretty. I like catching a couple drinks there.

ME: Awesome. What are you working on now?

RAF: This is the first time I’m mentioning it in an interview, but I’m actually going to be dropping a song a month starting this month for the rest of the year. In December, I’ll be releasing an album and it’ll be ten songs. It’s very excited to be getting more stuff out there, and in tandem I’ll be doing some shows with the full band along with maybe some smaller shows where it’s just me and one other person. The first song is coming out May 28th.

ME: Dope, well I’m looking forward to hearing it.

Visit RAF & Company’s website here.

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