Spotlight of the Week: Mie

Mie is a singer-songwriter based in Milwaukee whose style encompasses pop, alt and folk. Her debut EP “Alchemie” came out in 2021.

ME: How did you get involved with Wisconsin Music Ventures?

MIE: I attended the MKE Tech Music Conference in October and had met up with Allison afterwards. Through that interaction and having been connected with Emily White (who connected me and Allison), I was so grateful to be able to sit and talk with Allison and then get to meet all these musicians. Everyone was so nice and positive and welcoming – it’s felt like a great fit!

ME: I’m glad! It’s a pretty rad community with a lot of really talented and like-minded folks.

MIE: It’s a breath of fresh air (laughs).

ME: I was looking at your website and saw that your music encompasses a lot of different styles. Who are some of your biggest influences?

MIE: I love Adele a lot; I love the way she writes and sings. All the pop greats I like to learn from, especially the ones who write their own lyrics and put their soul into lyrics like Alicia Keys and Jewel and Skylar Grey (who’s a Wisconsin native). I pull from people who are really in touch with themselves and use their own artistry as a funnel for healing and for sharing their own experiences.

ME: Right on, that’s awesome! Thank you for sharing!

ME: What was your favorite show you played this year?

MIE: The iVoted Festival was very interesting because I got to pre-track it as a live concert, and that was really fun because I was able to go back and make sure that it was up to the standard that I hold for myself. In January on my birthday this year I did a show at the Princeton Club and it was a three-hour set, but it was more covers and pop which was really fun; it got me out of my artist box and let me just enjoy performing. iVoted was different in the fact that it was all my original work and I got to really dig into it.

ME: Awesome; that was actually my next question – the iVoted Festival. What was it like?

MIE: It was weird to be putting together a livestream set but I look forward to doing more of them because I get to be more in control. I started about six months ago working on an acoustic set and I hadn’t actually ever performed with my guitar before; I wasn’t confident playing it so I took those six months every day for hours a day practicing that set. It’s something that I’ll always hold to dear – to be a part of it – and that the premise of the festival was so important.

ME: That’s pretty rad.

MIE: (laughs) Thank you!

ME: My last question is, what are you working on now?

MIE: I’m working on a few different things; I want to put together and finalize a simple acoustic EP for the work that I put together for the iVoted Festival. I also have three or four singles that are much more electronically produced that I’m working on. I’m very excited for both those things; they’re very different and contrasting projects but they keep me in balance (laughs).

Visit Mie’s website here.

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