Spotlight of the Week: Erin Krebs

Erin Krebs is a jazz and blues artist hailing from Appleton. Her debut album “Love Always Wins” came out in 2016. No matter what group she’s with, Krebs is a dynamic performer.

ME: How did you get involved with Wisconsin Music Ventures?

ERIN: Well, I kept seeing posts about it and was like “what is this?” so I clicked on it, and it sounded like something really cool because sometimes you feel alone in all this as an artist. I live with my partner who makes music with me but I’m the one who handles everything as far as booking and all that jazz. So it’s just nice to talk with other musicians who go through all these hoops and to hear other perspectives about social media and navigating all that. I think it’s really cool, so I reached out and it worked out.

ME: Awesome! It’s nice to have people who are good at things (laughs).

ME: What groups are you currently playing with?

ERIN: Well, I have a duo with Jeff Johnston, who plays with me a lot. Then I have a quartet or quintet. Jeff has a blues band called The Swingin’ Johnsons and I sometimes play with them. My version of that, when we add some horns, is called Mama Ginger and the Red Hots – that’s a fun band. Also the Water City Jazz Orchestra is a big band that I sing with. Sometimes I’ll randomly sit in and sing with others too.

ME: Sounds like it all keeps you busy!

ERIN: Yes; we have a gig tonight in Green Bay, and then tomorrow I’m doing a recording session with some friends. Then Sunday I’m doing a funeral, and then we have something on the 4th of July, so it’ll be a busy weekend.

ME: Since it’s summer, I thought this would be a fun question. Would you rather go swimming in a pool or a lake?

ERIN: Pool, without hesitation. I don’t like it when things touch my leg when I’m in the water (laughs).

ME: Fair enough. Although sometimes things can sneak into the pool too (laughs). I prefer the lake, personally. I like running into the water; it’s so satisfying. A pool is usually cleaner though; you can trust it more.

ERIN: Yeah, I like Lake Michigan – that’s a fun lake to go in. Lake Winnebago, not so much (laughs).

ME: I know that you’ve played all over the state; what’s a town in Wisconsin that you think more people should visit?

ERIN: Waupaca’s really cool. They have a cool art scene and some great restaurants. Waupaca’s got it going on. It’s got some great recreation too, like the Chain o’ Lakes, so it’s great for people that want to camp and do outdoor stuff.

ME: I’ve never been to Waupaca; I’ll have to pay a visit sometime!

ME: My last question is, what are you working on now, since your album came out in 2016?

ERIN: We also did a live blues album and then a Christmas EP since then. I’ve been working out some ideas; it’s just really hard for me to pick the material for albums because I love so many songs. What I think the next one’s going to be is a mix of original tunes and older jazz standards like stuff that’s public domain. So, I’ll get to do whatever I want with that stuff (laughs).

ME: *Yeah* you can! That sounds like exciting stuff. Do you have a lot of shows coming up?

ERIN: Yeah, the live schedule is the other reason why I don’t record very often. It’s not that I don’t like being in the studio – I do – but I like interacting with the audience.

Visit Erin Krebs’ website here.

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