Spotlight of the Week: Cosmic Endeavors

Cosmic Endeavors are a jazz band formed in August 2020. Originally beginning as an instrumental group, they were able to reach new horizons with the addition of vocalist and producer Demetri Rogers. They’ve been exploring time and space since. I spoke to Julian Singh, the drummer and pianist.

ME: How did Cosmic Endeavors get involved with Wisconsin Music Ventures?

JULIAN: Yeah, so that’s a funny story because my mom Suzanne Singh actually works for Wisconsin Music Ventures. She told me that we should check it out – not only because she’s my mom – but that it’s a really good organization for trying to get gigs and connect with other musicians that might not necessarily play the same style. So we signed up for the Backstage Pass but we’re working on potentially getting a Green Room membership.

ME: Right on. Yeah, I found that out from Mr. Nice Guy Presents when mom and son were both on the bill (laughs).

ME: How’d the recent 34th Street Jam go?

JULIAN: It was really good! We weren’t sure how it was going to go because the first act had to cancel but in the end it was honestly fantastic. We had such a fun time playing and the crowd really loved it, which is why we play music in the first place. The bands before us were all our friends so it was cool to see it all happen.

ME: I was bummed I missed it but I’m glad it went well!

ME: Who’s all in the band now?

JULIAN: Right now we have Casimir Riley on saxophone, Josh Koch on trumpet, Josh Trimble on guitar, Liam Phillips and Will Heide on bass, Demetri Rogers on vocals, me on drums and Cam Spann on piano. Having Josh on trumpet has been really great for the band, now that we can have these two-part harmonies and a vocalist too, so we sound way fuller than we did last year.

ME: That’s great to hear! Where’d the band’s name come from?

JULIAN: We were looking for a band name and had an Instagram group chat when we first started, and we had just started spamming names. I think Cas actually came up with Cosmic Endeavors and we just had to roll with it. Even when we’re writing songs, you just know it’s going to stick.

ME: It’s a cool name. It feels like you’re flying through space with the music.

JULIAN: Right, exactly! We want to take you on a journey.

ME: Just tell me where we’re going and I’m there (laughs).

ME: What are you guys working on now?

JULIAN: So we’re currently preparing for our show August 12th at State Fair which is going to be our last show of the summer. We’re really hyped for it; last year we played State Fair and it was insane – it was probably the craziest show I’ve ever played in my life – so this year we’re really trying to go all out. Unfortunately, Cam heads back to Berklee on August 19th so we can’t really do much after State Fair.

ME: Well that will be really fun! Good luck at the gig! Do you have a favorite fried treat at the State Fair?

JULIAN: To be honest, I don’t eat much of that but I’d have to say the deep fried Oreos.

ME: That’s the only correct answer.

Visit Cosmic Endeavors’ website here.

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