Spotlight of the Week: B.D. Greer

B.D. Greer is a vocalist with a background in R&B, jazz, blues, and soul. Originally from Wisconsin, she lived in New York for 21 years before returning to Wisconsin in 2020. She’s been making a name for herself in and around Milwaukee since.

ME: How did you get involved with Wisconsin Music Ventures?

BD: So, I’m very fortunate that Marcya Daneille is a friend of mine, and she had said such really nice things about it when I moved to the Milwaukee area about two years ago. I had just started getting back into the singing aspect and was really fortunate to have been connected with some really great musicians, such as Marcya. One day over lunch, she said that I’d benefit from getting to meet Allison, so I reached out to her and that was kind of it. She was such a welcoming and cool person and I felt so invited.

ME: Well, I’d say that you found a great way to start. Allison’s definitely a person to know to break into the scene and getting to know people and gigs.

BD: Yes…such a good soul.

ME: What brought you to New York, and what brought you back here, in a nutshell?

BD: I moved to New York when I was eighteen for university and I lived there for 21 years. I’ve always been a singer; musical theatre was my thing, and back in New York I did do a couple national tours. But I learned that I really loved the vocal aspect and started doing more of that; I was a cruise ship singer, I was a USO performer all over the world, I was a backup singer for some really great artists…you name it. Cut to moving back two years ago, we moved to Milwaukee because it was just time to. I’m in the hotel business plus I’m a mom, and at the time it was getting so expensive out there. My husband and I decided to move to Milwaukee; we actually live in Pewaukee-Waukesha but I work at the Pfister, so I’ve been getting connected with the city. I didn’t actually really know much about the thriving music scene but I’m really glad that we came here; it was a really nice surprise.

ME: It sounds like everything really fell into place as you returned here! It becomes very serendipitous.

ME: Do you prefer New York or Chicago pizza?

BD: (laughs) I’d have to say New York. I do love Chicago pizza, thick pizza, Sicilian pizza…but there’s just something about New York pizza. My Brooklyn husband would probably kill me if I said anything else (laughs). He almost had a heart attack when we moved here and they cut the pizza into squares. And when he called and said that he’d like a “pie” (laughs).

ME: Yeah, I’m from Illinois and I did grow up eating pizza by squares. But I do love a good New York slice.

ME: If you could have dinner with one famous person, who would it be?

BD: Hmm…can I say two? I’m a huge Dinah Washington fan so I’d love to have a drink with her; that would blow my mind and she’s really paved the way for my love of that style of music. On a completely other aspect, I’m obsessed with Chris Stapleton. Sitting down with him would be my dream (laughs).

ME: Good choices. I know that it’s hard to narrow down to one.

ME: My last question is, what are you working on now? What’s coming up?

BD: For me, it’s really just been getting my name out. I’m not a singer-songwriter, so I’m classic-style cover and have two strong sets that I’ve been working on and have been doing. I do a lot of jazz-blues stuff with the guys from the Milwaukee Jazz Institute and some amazing musicians from the Appleton-Oshkosh area too. You can always find me at The Jazz Estate once a month. Then I’ve got a cool set of classic rock-soul style with Matt Schroeder, who’s an amazing guitar player. You can often find us at St. Kate Arts Hotel. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy for the summer since I’m still kind of new to everything and am getting familiar with all the festivals.

Visit B.D. Greer’s website here.

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