Stas Dana
Stas Venglevski (bayan accordion) and Dana McCormick (composer/pianist), who were scheduled to perform together on the WMV series in early April. This has been postponed.

None of us expected the COVID-19 pandemic. Wisconsin Music Ventures had grand plans for a fun-filled spring and summer of live performances by incredible local musicians in fantastic spaces and places throughout the area; odds are none of those will happen – not anytime soon.

While it is disappointing, what is even more difficult to think about is those musicians who rely on earning money through making music, solely. They are unable to make a living for – who knows how long? 

WMV is committed to musician advocacy. Throughout this time of unknown, when we cannot gather together to listen to live music and appreciate the artistry our great state continues to produce, we invite musicians to fill out this application. We want to know how we can help promote what you do:

  • Encourage people to buy your CDs?
  • Encourage digital downloads?
  • Encourage the purchase of other merchandise?
  • Have you got a live streaming concert coming up you wish to promote?
  • Of course, we’ll pass along your social media handles and encourage folks to follow.
  • Anything else? Note it in the application.

Each day, until we are “back to normal,” we will feature a different musician in a blog post. That post will go out to our social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter) and there will be a summary e-news that goes out, once a week, of the seven artists covered in that time. The information provided in that application is what we will use to inform the public on what you do. We’ll call this #WMVPushingThePerformers.