Open-Air Theory Retreat, Level 1

August 9, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am
Sheridan Park
4800 S. Lake Dr. Cudahy WI 53110
Allison Schweitzer
(414) 376-8405
Open-Air Theory Retreat, Level 1 @ Sheridan Park

Attendees must register (purchase a ticket) in advance.

Students should secure their own copy of this book before the class begins, and bring it along. The following concepts will be worked through together:

The Theory section of Excellence in Theory, Book One concentrates on learning the basic language of music that helps develop well-rounded musicians. Lesson & Assignment pages introduce staves, treble and bass clef. Time signatures, and simple rhythms. Melodic elements are presented in accidentals, enharmonics, and whole and half steps, as well as tetrachords and major scales. Each lesson is carefully reinforced through Review pages. 

The class is taught by Mrs. Allison Schweitzer. She will hand out pencils to use, and have a piano keyboard available for the class.

The class will meet at the northern end of the park, about where Bottsford Ave. turns into Lake Drive. Check out this map for more info.

Each attendee will receive a WMV water bottle upon completion of the class.

Should severe weather arise, there WILL be an indoor location available to us in Wauwatosa.