COVID-19 and WMV

This is such a tough time for so many people; Wisconsin Music Ventures is not alone in having an uncertain future. We know we will return to holding concerts again, but when? When will we return to normal? How will we return to normal? What will normal even look like, when this is all said and done? Will it ever be said and done? Will we be able to keep our current patrons? Is it possible to even gain new patrons right now?  … More COVID-19 and WMV

Pushing the Performers: 414 Quartet

The 414 Quartet is comprised of four musicians who also play with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra: Paul Hauer, Alex Ayers, Alejandro Duque and Peter Thomas. Three of the four of them are originally from Wisconsin. Answers given by Peter Thomas.

How can we help you right now? 
Live stream concerts. Support the MSO. Support all musicians during this time. … More Pushing the Performers: 414 Quartet

Building a Team

Wisconsin Music Ventures is growing, and we couldn’t be more excited! Back in February 2020 I was hired by Founder, Owner and Experience Generator, Allison Schweitzer, as WMV Experience Narrator. Joining us from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is Shannon Couillard. Shannon is a guitarist, originally from Milwaukee, that is currently studying music business and recording … More Building a Team

Love is In the House and Mind

Music in general has power. Whether we’re watching a movie or streaming our favorite artist through headphones, music can change our mood, bring up fond memories and make us dance. While music is everywhere and in everything, there is something different about live concerts and feeling the vibrations of the instruments in front of you. The sensations you feel can ultimately improve your health which makes us all feel better about not eating enough vegetables. … More Love is In the House and Mind

Lessons From the Farmers Market

Last night the Tosa Farmers Market (TFM) held their end-of-the-year celebration, called the “Farmer’s Feast.” I’ve been a board member, spending a lot of volunteer time with this organization, for the past four years. Following this season, I’m moving on so as to be able to put full concentration into my own work and music. 

But it would be remiss of me to not acknowledge what an inspiration TFM has been, in planning Wisconsin Music Ventures (WMV) events. … More Lessons From the Farmers Market

Many Thanks!

Wisconsin Music Ventures is here! We have been out and about in Milwaukee County Parks for the last couple months, and are now building on the initial momentum from those amazing performances by fantastic local artists, as well as the audiences that have heard our music and enjoyed our special experiences. … More Many Thanks!