Sunday Brunch Surprise #19: Dani Daly and Kris Crow

Roses are red, violets are blue. WMV was honored to spend Valentine’s day with you! And what better way to spend it then with the musical chemistry of Dani Daly and Kris Crow who filled our virtual concert with love songs and humor. The duo harmonized over some of the best duets and entertained one of our biggest Zoom audiences for our Sunday Brunch Concerts.

The couple has a long history performing together (longer than they care to share) and are very active in the Wisconsin music scene. They specialize in duets but also perform a variety of genres including high energy rock and country. Dani and Kris have also toured with The Prince Experience and Milwaukee Tool Shed Band which has had them perform across the country. Playing from their home, Dani and Kris brought their full charisma to the show and delighted our audiences with stories, jokes, and appearances from their dogs. We got to hear the story of how Kris began his feud with meteorologist Vince Condella from a comment on Facebook.

“Thanks for making our Valentine’s Day special!” -Ty and Sherry

Dani Daly and Kris Crow continue to stay active musically with duo performances in the Southern Wisconsin region. You can follow their Facebook page to keep up to date with future events. Thank you Dani and Kris for sharing your music to make our viewers Valentine’s Day a special one. 

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