Sunday Brunch Surprise Concert #16: 5PM To Nowhere

Spaces that allow younger musicians to get performance experience are so special for a variety of reasons. Here at Wisconsin Music Ventures, we are happy to offer our space and audience to younger music makers so that they can continue growing. 5PM To Nowhere (Jacob Webb), a current student at Northwestern University, was our mystery musician on Sunday, December 20th and our last performer of the year!

5PM to Nowhere is the brainchild of Milwaukee native Jacob Webb. He began writing music at the age of 12 as an emotional outlet, but once he started performing, he realized the power his music could have on others: “I had people coming up to me after open mics and talent shows, sharing struggles that they were going through and saying my music gave them hope.” Since then, he has sought to tell stories of love, loss, and self-discovery through his music, echoing the emotional weight and stirring songwriting of Jeff Buckley, Sufjan Stevens, and Coldplay.

Playing from the basement of his Wauwatosa home, Jacob played a delightful blend of covers and originals. His original tunes exhibited mellow vocal melodies that complemented the piano parts very well. We also got to hear about the story behind his artist name; long story short, it is based off of a poem Jacob wrote in high school. Jacob also performs with the Northwestern Choir which also has done online events.

Great voice, thanks for playing! -Nathan Edwards, UWO Music Industry Professor

5PM To Nowhere is heading down an exciting path as he continues to explore the music industry and original music making. Thank you, Jacob for joining our series and we are so excited for the career ahead of you! Follow 5PM To Nowhere on Facebook and find his music on any digital streaming service.

Our first event of 2021 will be another event in this series and the event page is now up! Register for the next Sunday Brunch Surprise concert here.

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  1. Appreciate the way you are motivating people with your songs and stories. Giving anyone hope is a huge thing one can do. Great idea about sharing your platform with new and growing music makers to present their skills. Definitely, some talent can emerge by this method. Keep singing and helping others.

    Thank you

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