Patron Exclusive Concert Recap: Hello Cello

It was a calm evening. On the radio in the corner, Holiday songs filled the room with nostalgic feelings of warmth, family, and carefully placed reminders of that which you long to remember this time each year. The fireplace flames light the room in an orange, yellow glow fading in and out, in and out, intermittently the way fire does as it licks at the cold. Snow floats down slowly, silently, lazily just outside your window and you sit there watching it as you drink your cup of hot chocolate which you stir diligently with a candy cane between sips. The blanket warming your lap, the fire, the music slows time to the point where you can almost see the spirits of loved ones and treasured memories from long ago.

For a moment on a Sunday afternoon that is what it felt like. Sat in front of her Christmas tree and stockings hung by the chimney with care, Thea Vorass’s strings group, Hello Cello transported all of it’s listeners to that place of nostalgic warmth during our latest Patron Exclusive Concert, playing traditional Christmas pieces from all around the world. Hello Cello shared stories about the familiar pieces that breathed new life into them as we listened and even threw in some songs that were largely unknown to us but all led to the same result–pure listening pleasure that left you reminiscing about the best of times. It was truly the right way to enter the Holiday Season and to close out what has been a very difficult year for so many. For that we are grateful.

Please take time to check out what Hello Cello has done and is doing by visiting their website.


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