Sunday Brunch Surprise Concert #14: Genevieve Heyward

Sunday was rainy and windy, but it was also the perfect day to host Genevieve Heyward. She joined the Sunday Brunch series as our 14th guest. I can’t believe that this was our 14th concert in the series! It really seems like just yesterday when we were testing this out with WMV patrons. Genevieve played an all original music set that exhibited her distinct Americana style.

Adept at both guitar and piano, Genevieve writes the songs she sings, songs firmly rooted in the contemporary, with faint hints of tendrils running deep toward the influence of old footsteps. She’s shared the stage with national touring acts and performers who have written songs for some of the biggest names in music, toured the United States and Europe, and released numerous different records since she was 18. Genevieve cut her teeth performing, playing in front of both small handfuls and crowds of thousands. She’s as comfortable with Tin Pan Alley as she is today’s teen pop, and tells you with a voice built to bewilder – equal parts soft and smoky, and smooth as fresh Wisconsin butter. It’s a warm and natural sound, absent of pretension and imbued with an honesty that affirms the beneficent nature of her music.

Genevieve started off the concert by sharing that she had just moved to her own place in Sturgeon Bay and has gotten herself a “big girl” job working as a server in a nice restaurant. Her set consisted of songs she wrote on her own and songs she co-wrote with other musicians. “Anxiety” and “Take Care” were both recorded in Norway and they were ones that resonated with me the  most–2020 has been such a wild ride. For Genevieve, it has been a series of cancelled shows but also an exciting time as she heads into a new phase of her life.

Thank you, Genevieve for joining our Sunday Brunch Series! We are all so excited to see where your career goes. Keep up with Genevieve via social media, her website, and listen to her music!

We will announce the next Sunday Brunch Surprise Concert event VERY soon.


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