Sunday Brunch Surprise Concert #10: Nicholas Raymond

“Let’s start understanding if we can understand,” Nicholas Raymond sincerely pleaded during his Zoom performance on Sunday, September 20th. Nicholas joined us for the tenth official concert of our virtual Sunday Brunch Surprise series. Originally from Oshkosh, WI, he now lives in Colorado and on Sunday morning, he shared stories behind his songs, his feelings about the Wisconsin music scene, and delighted us with his charming sense of humor.

Nicholas Raymond is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer & collaborator. Touring & recording nationally since 2013. He has performed many stages as well as major music festivals with amazingly talented artists such as Lizzo, American Authors, LOLO & Sturgill Simpson. Nicholas has an original & authentic approach to his art. Often playing his guitar with natural rhythms & unique tunings. His accuracy for drums & percussion is a true soul calling. Along with a voice that carries & defines any space with or without a microphone.

It is nearly impossible to overlook the current state of this country. Nicholas addressed it in the most respectful way and of course, he sang about it too. One audience member stated that he felt as though he was watching him in person because of how genuine and engaging he had been with the audience.

Nicholas performed many original songs and shared with us the stories behind them. Those stories included evil bosses, the Colorado mountains, and his love for his wife. He treated the audience with a new song he’s been working on called Rainbow Over Colfax and he showed off his “sound stone” device that vibrates strings with magnets. Nicholas admitted that he will miss the Wisconsin music scene, which he declared as one of the coolest around, but he is excited about his new life in Colorado.

We are excited as well, to see where Nicholas’ career goes – now moved to Colorado – and we wish him the best of luck! Please continue to support Nicholas Raymond via Facebook and Bandcamp. Our next Sunday Brunch Surprise concert will happen on Sunday, October 4th and will feature a local duo. Check it out here.Β 

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