Sunday Brunch Surprise Concert #9: Peter Thomas

MSO musician Peter Thomas performed for our ninth official Sunday Brunch Surprise concert on September 6th. More than 35 screens (40+ viewers) joined us for this special concert that reminded us of the beauty and power in music.

Peter J. Thomas has been a member of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) since 2008, and has performed around the world as a multi-genre soloist, clinician, educator, and chamber musician. He frequently performs with the Kabat-Thomas Cello Duo, Frankly Music, Present Music, and the 414 Quartet. Mr. Thomas was also the electric cellist of the award-winning classical cross-over indie-rock band I’m Not A Pilot, that toured extensively across the Midwest at colleges, performing art centers, music festivals, and in educational collaboration concerts with high school orchestras from 2009-2016.

Peter started his performance with the Prelude to Bach’s Suite No. 4. Seemingly another standard cello performance, things quickly took an unexpected turn as Peter played music ranging from The Beatles to Metallica. He used several guitar pedals to add a looping or reverberant effect to his pieces. Although he is known for his cello chops, Peter also sang while playing, which is no easy task!

Around the halfway point of his set, he talked about MusiConnect, which he helped found earlier this year. MusicConnect strives to bring people together by performing free concerts on the driveways of volunteers’ houses that feature a diversity of artists and music genres. We are all well aware of how difficult this year has been for a variety of reasons, but music brings us together despite our differences. Peter stated that “music might be the only thing that heals us” after everything we have been through.

We hope that you continue to support Peter Thomas and MusiConnect. Thank you to our viewers and Peter for a wonderful Sunday morning. Tune in to the next Sunday Brunch Surprise Concert on Sunday, September 20th!

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