Sunday Brunch Surprise Concerts 7 & 8

The Sunday Brunch Surprise series has evolved greatly since the first concert back in April. It has been an opportunity for us to continue having events, but we have found that it is a much more rewarding experience for the musicians we host. Concerts seven and eight gave us profound insight on what our virtual concerts mean to the performers during the COVID era.

IMG_1272The seventh concert on Sunday, August 2nd featured the Next Paperback Hero, otherwise known as Nathan HonorΓ©. He fascinated the audience with different sound effects through his pedal board and provided an enjoyable, serene atmosphere. His mellow sound and soothing voice allowed the audience to sit back and engage in his music.

After every song, he gave a sincere “thank you” and expressed multiple times how great it was to see an audience. Other live streaming services do not display the audience’s faces on screen like Zoom does. On Twitter, Nathan commented, “I played a surprise zoom concert with @WIMusicVentures this morning and it was an incredible, heartwarming experience. My cup was full for the first time in ages.”


The eighth Sunday Brunch concert happened this past Sunday, on August 16th featuring Caleb Delaney from Wausau, WI. His music carried a soft rock groove and his sense of humor created an intimate setting despite everyone being screens away.

One of Delaney’s first comments after playing his first song was, “this is so weird,” referring to being able to see the faces of his audience again. After his set, Caleb stated that the experience was great and would appreciate the opportunity to play for more WMV events.

In the Milwaukee scene especially, local musicians are disregarded as just another cover band or musician. So many Wisconsin musicians write their own music and rely on local gigs to move them along. Cover band/musician or not, their music matters and being able to play in person is what they live for. WMV feels privileged for being able to support local musicians during the COVID era through our patronage system. Please consider becoming a patron to help us fulfill our mission. There are special perks and WMV gear included in each level of patronage!

Thank you to both the Next Paperback Hero and Caleb Delaney for their wonderful performances in our series. A special thank you to our audience members who make it to every Sunday Brunch Surprise concert! The next concert has been scheduled for Sunday, September 6 at 11:30 AM–register here.

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