Sunday Brunch Surprise Concert #6: Tae

Tae’s rich, dark tone permeated our surroundings as she sung from the soul. Sunday morning was an utter delight as she joined our surprise series on July 19th!

Our Sunday Brunch Surprise series has been a great opportunity for WMV to feature musicians outside of the Milwaukee area. Tae joined us from Ripon, WI and viewers in attendance got to know all about her.


Tae is an artist originally from Green Bay, WI, whose work leans in the direction of R&B/Soul/Pop-Rock. She just released her first full-length album – What Love Is – in January of 2020 on all download and streaming platforms.

Her work speaks of self-love, love given, and love received (all regarding the good and the bad), and stands as an attempt to influence social change and consciousness. All the proceeds from Tae’s first single “Maggie Sue” were donated to a safe house in Green Bay, WI to help victims of domestic abuse.

Tae performed music from her album, What Love Is, and unreleased music that she plans on recording soon. You can find her music through her website here and you can follow her on Facebook or Instagram. We look forward to following her career as she just turned 22 and has a whole journey ahead of her!

Stay tuned for the next Sunday Brunch Surprise concert on August 1st. Do you have any clue on who we will feature next?

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