Sunday Brunch Surprise Concert #4: Mike Neumeyer and Kristen Kieckhaefer

The Sunday Brunch Surprise series via Zoom continued on Sunday, June 14th with live music and for the first time, live art-making too! Mike Neumeyer, mallet player, and Kristen Kieckhaefer, live art specialist, made Sunday morning a delightful and memorable experience for all 24 screens.

Mike NeumeMike Neumeyeryer is a musician, educator, and composer based in Milwaukee, WI, with a unique focus on marimba and voice. He has composed works for the UW-Stephens Point Percussion Ensemble, the Oak Creek Percussion Ensemble, and various groups in Wisconsin and Washington. He is on faculty at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), teaching music business, film scoring and percussion.

The performance began with a brief music lesson as Mike described the difference between the two instruments he would be playing–a marimba and vibraphone. The marimba, an instrument made up of wooden bars, has a warm timbre, while the vibraphone has metal bars and is a lot more reverberant. Mike performed a blend of improvisatory pieces, cover songs, and original works. He engaged the audience with trivia questions, stories behind his works, and even asked the audience to name one of his songs.

Kristen Kieckhaefer

While Mike performed, Kristen Kieckhaefer of Elevated Event Art performed too. Her instruments of choice being paint, a canvas, and brushes. She shared that she prepared for the concert by listening to Mike’s music beforehand and sketched a design that reflected the tranquility and peaceful sounds of his pieces. The audience witnessed the transformation of a blank canvas as it became a beautiful work of art. 

The end result? A lovely floral image that at a closer look, features a partnership between contrasting colors. Once Mike saw the end result, he shared that he loves putting two things side by side and watch or hear them resolve–Kristen agreed.

061420 SBS Art

The fourth concert in the Sunday Brunch Surprise Series was a remarkable experience for all patrons. Find out more about Mike Neumeyer here and keep an ear out for his new album, Marimba Maverick, coming out soon!

Wisconsin Music Ventures will be hosting an in-person concert on Sunday, June 21st at the Story Hill FireHouse. Join us for a WMV Special…All Jazzed Up: An Afternoon of Jazz, Rock, and Soul Music. Click here to learn more about the event and to buy tickets.

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