Pushing The Performers: Jacob Schuelke

Recently graduating from UW-Eau Claire, Jacob Schuelke has been releasing music as a duo with his best friend Cole Tindal. Considering himself a hip-hop artist who raps and sings, he also plays trumpet in Buck it Up Brass.

How can we help you right now?jacob schuelke
The thing that would help me most is for more people to hear my music. Whether that means more people sharing the music I’ve put out there, me doing more live shows, or simply gaining social media followers, anything that can get my music in the people’s ears is what will help me make my dream a reality.

Where are some of the places you’d normally be playing at, if this pandemic was not currently happening?
I’d be performing at a super cool venue called Honey in Minneapolis, MN. We unfortunately had to postpone one of shows there due to everything going on. I’d also be performing at a bar in Eau Claire, WI called Stones Throw. I’ve had two rap shows there and my brass band has also played two shows there. My next goal is to extend my concert reach into the Madison and Milwaukee areas because I feel like those are very rich music communities. I also want to get to know cities in Minnesota better like Minneapolis, St. Cloud and Duluth.

Where can we find you on social media?

More on Jacob Schuelke:
I am a hip-hop artist that makes non-explicit, high energy, and uplifting songs that are suitable for all ears. I play the trumpet in Buck it Up Brass, and was a trumpet soloist in the Blugold Marching Band for 4 years. I have over a decade of trumpet playing under my belt, as well as a minor in Music from UW-Eau Claire. I strive to incorporate my musical knowledge into the songs that I create through trumpet, piano, guitar, and ukulele. I released my first EP “Pajamas” over a year ago, and decided to continue down the music path after the EP was so well-received. I dream to perform live for a living, and I now truly know it is my passion to do so.

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