Sunday Brunch Surprise Concert: Stas Venglevski

On Sunday, April 19, we hosted our first online concert. As a test-run, patrons and volunteers with WMV were invited to enjoy a surprise musical guest while eating brunch from the comfort of their homes.

Accordionist, teacher, composer and arranger, Stas Venglevski entertained 21 screens with many different music styles. Stas began the show with classical sounds then moved to tango and contemporary. FCFAD9E5-B5EA-4165-A88E-C0DECEAAAAE7There were a few organ players in the crowd who expressed their appreciation of an organ piece arranged for accordion in the Zoom chat room.

Originally studying at the Russian Academy of Music in Moscow, Stas performed throughout Europe and North America as a soloist before moving to the United States in 1992. Since his academy days, he has widened his musical taste and abilities, adding Irish and French styles, which led to writing his own pieces beginning in 2000. He has participated in many symphony orchestras throughout the country as apart of being a participant in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s Arts in Community Education Program (ACE).

Using a Bayan, a Russian accordion constructed differently than other European accordion instruments, Stas dedicated a tune to 5-year old viewer, Leah, before closing with a Brazilian piece.

It was great to see our patrons and performers even if it is only on screen for now. With plans to host public Zoom concerts soon, we hope to see you too!

VisitΒ to learn more about Stas Venglevski and how you can support him.

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