COVID-19 and WMV

FarmThis is such a tough time for so many people; Wisconsin Music Ventures is not alone in having an uncertain future. We know we will return to holding concerts again, but when? When will we return to normal? How will we return to normal? What will normal even look like, when this is all said and done? Will it ever be said and done? Will we be able to keep our current patrons? Is it possible to even gain new patrons right now?

We’re still working on ways to showcase great Wisconsin musicians during this time, and encourage you to review our blog series entitled Pushing the Performers. We will make sure to reschedule any performers who were booked during these months when we cannot hold performances. Our interns are all working on developing programs to bring in more community involvement to our process – via music education, social media and venue seeking. We are staying safe/staying in, but still checking in to new venues and artists throughout this time. We will make great use of down time, no matter what!

How about YOU? How are YOU doing? What can we do to help YOU through this time, as a live music organization? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading – and, be well.

Allison Schweitzer
WMV Founder, Owner and Experience Generator

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