Pushing The Performers: NINETEEN THIRTEEN

NINETEEN THIRTEEN is a chamber rock duo from Milwaukee, WI who relies on live music for the majority of their income. Members include Cellist, Janet Schiff and Percussionist, Victor DeLorenzo. Answers given by Janet Schiff.


How can we help you right now?NINETEEN THIRTEEN
Buy recordings online for download or email NINETEEN THIRTEEN for CDs at 1913tech@gmail.com.

Where are some of the places you’d normally be playing at, if this pandemic was not currently happening?
Milwaukee Art Museum, Bastille Days, The Jazz Estate, Art Events, Parties

Where can we find you on social media?

Cellist Janet Schiff and Percussionist Victor DeLorenzo (founding drummer of ​Violent Femmes) create the new and dynamic sound that is NINETEEN THIRTEEN. Schiff plays a cello that was made in Romania in the year of 1913 while DeLorenzo plays a set of drums made in modern day America. Together their music suggests mystery, romance and future thought​.​ Powered by cello layers and beat brush percussion, this award winning duo defies expectations and rewards listeners with their unique expression of music.

Wisconsin Music Ventures is committed to “Pushing the Performers” during this Coronavirus crisis. More info, including how other musicians can be featured on this blog, found here.

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