Pushing The Performers: The Belle Weather

The Belle Weather is an Orchestral Indie Folk & Rock group made up of Eric Cox, Tom Abromaitis, Thea Vorass and Marisa Sheppard. During this pandemic, any money raised by The Belle Weather will be donated to local food banks to help those in need. Answers given by Eric Cox.


How can we help you right now?
Certainly you can buy music and merchandise but again, all profits from these enterprises will be donated for the foreseeable future. We’re all okay for the time being. Plenty of people and small businesses will struggle a great deal. We’ll help out as much as we can. The Belle Weather

Where are some of the places you’d normally be playing at, if this pandemic was not currently happening?
Focusing on the small places: Paradigm Coffee & Music in Sheboygan; MUGS Coffee in Ripon; J’s BBQ in Ripon; Copper Rock Coffee in Appleton; The Lake House in Kiel; Angelina in Green Bay; The Coffee House in Burlington; Wisconsin Music Ventures (!!!)… We consider these businesses partners of ours. They have hosted our shows and given us stages to play on for a long time. We’ll be working with them to put together raffle packages, etc. to (hopefully) inspire people to get take-out meals, purchase gift cards, etc. Taking care of our music community will be essential if we want to have any community to return to once the imminent threat has subsided.

Where can we find you on social media?

More on The Belle Weather:
The Belle Weather is a hurricane… We are the heavy, rhythmic storm of an acoustic guitar, the deep pulse of an upright bass, and the soaring elegance of cello, violin, and voice. We are the eye of the storm and the damage done – equal parts modern folk and indie rock – a fusion of inspired anthems and the art of simple storytelling. Over the years, we’ve taken a great many influences and blended them into a sound that is uniquely our own. We’ve built a reputation by approaching every stage we can find with a rare combination of gritty, sweat-drenched energy and honest, heart-felt sonic grace. We love doing what we do, and feel very fortunate to have a fan base that is as musically adventurous as we’ve always tried to be.

Wisconsin Music Ventures is committed to “Pushing the Performers” during this Coronavirus crisis. More info, including how other musicians can be featured on this blog, found here.

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