Pushing The Performers: Justin Jagler

Justin Jagler was born and raised in Wisconsin and is currently living in Milwaukee. His main source of income is live performance, especially during warmer months.



How can we help you right now?
Buy some music. That would be wonderful. Choose how much you want to pay.

Where are some of the places you’d normally be playing at, if this pandemic was not currently happening?
Linneman’s Riverwest Inn, Art Bar, Cactus Club, farmers markets all over southeast WI.

Jagler sings 1

Where can we find you on social media?

More on Justin:
Armed with rock ‘n’ roll zeal and rhythmic guitars, Justin Jagler delivers soulful roots music across America’s heartland and beyond. Through songs like “Stay Freaky, Giannis” and “Harvest Time,” Jagler’s relentless songwriting and nimble voice pay homage to folk traditions and explore the lives of 21st-century characters.
Wisconsin Music Ventures is committed to “Pushing the Performers” during this Coronavirus crisis. More info, including how other musicians can be featured on this blog, found here.

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