Pushing The Performers: Thea Vorass

Thea Vorass is a singer-songwriter from Wisconsin specializing in indie folk rock, classical and rock music. Performing live and studio recordings is how she makes an income. She is involved in many ensembles including The Belle Weather, SACRED, the Keith Pulvermacher Band and Hello Cello.


Music Review Roulette on Anchor.FM



How can we help you right now?
Buy merch, follow on social media, make donations for live streams.Thea

Where are some of the places you’d normally be playing at, if this pandemic was not currently happening?
Wedding venues, Turner Hall, Saloon on Calhoun, Gibson Music Hall, Anodyne, etc.

Where can we find you on social media?

More on Thea:
I have a background in music therapy and graduated from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. I am a musician, work with ACA Entertainment & got my hands in a lot of different projects supporting local music: Music Review Roulette podcast, Amplified Artist Sessions songwriters showcase, & Givesong (fundraising platform supporting artists & charities). I am often playing cello with multiple local groups, recording in the studio, and teaching cello lessons.

Wisconsin Music Ventures is committed to β€œPushing the Performers” during this Coronavirus crisis.Β More info, including how other musicians can be featured on this blog, found here.

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