What does it mean to be a patron?

WMV patron Stephanie at the Eric Langford concert in August, 2019. Yes, patrons do receive some perks for their involvement!

In independent music and the fine arts, the term patron is often thrown around casually; everyone seems to know what it means and why patrons are important. We forget that this is not always understood by others!

And “being a patron” to something in the general sense (i.e. the arts) can be different from being a patron to a particular artist or project.

Wisconsin Music Ventures is building itself from the ground up, based on the support of local individuals and businesses who strongly believe in what we do – and as a result wish to support that financially with a monthly contribution. That contribution can be anything from $10 a month to $100 – and of course, we’ll accept more. The more you give, the more “patron rewards” you receive.

Patreon is a very popular site for developing patron programs… While I’ve chosen to not use that specific service, my goal is essentially the same: if you also feel strongly about promoting a variety of Wisconsin musicians in inspiring local destinations, at which the performances are free and open to the public, please consider joining #TeamWMV.

Music education will always remain at the heart of WMV, as well. I am a private instructor, and have been for over a decade. I’m currently looking for middle and high school teachers who might like to join with me in a group I’ll call the WMV “Edventurers.” We can do some brainstorming, connect with school programs, and introduce WMV to your students. It will require very little time; just some expertise and maybe a few connections. Please let me know if you or someone you know might have interest in this!

Do you believe in the power of a grass roots music education? Something that can supplement the amazingness that’s already happening in musicΒ classrooms and/or private lessons, may give off a bit of an exclusive, special-feeling vibe, and give youths a real-world, local connection to the music they’re hearing?

If you think these concepts may be right up your alley, please consider a monthly patronage. It would mean all the world to me, as well as to the musicians and students you would then be encouraging, if you are supporting a program such as Wisconsin Music Ventures.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!



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