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Nick Zoulek at Grant Park in August, 2019
Nick Zoulek playing at Grant Park in August, 2019

Wisconsin Music Ventures is here! We have been out and about in Milwaukee County Parks for the last couple months, and are now building on the initial momentum from those amazing performances by fantastic local artists, as well as the audiences that have heard our music and enjoyed our special experiences.

One of the most beautiful parts about this program is that while these concerts are known to some, and are becoming more known to others, many people are surprised to encounter them. It was a joy to watch three inner city youths become enamored with Justin Jagler and his guitar playing at Washington Park in Milwaukee. If you look through our Instagram you’ll see one of the many cyclists who stopped to listen to The Insouciant Guitar duo in Cudahy. I personally met a new fellow horn player friend at Estabrook Park when she happened to be out for a walk and heard Irina’s young classical guitar students performing for the family music event; she couldn’t help but stop. The man reading at Lake Park in Milwaukee wanted to know if Tabula Nova would be back again next week (sorry, no!).

More recently an audience member at Nick Zoulek’s performance at the beach on Grant Park in South Milwaukee caught many of the surprise audience members – including a surfer who was out catching some waves.

Music brings people together – and we are experiencing that every single time. My favorite part about it is that I never know how it will do that, or with whom – but it will.Β 

I could not be more grateful to all of the musicians who have worked with me early on, as I’m getting my footing here. I’m learning the ropes, figuring out how to best present this program – but regardless, your music is being heard and it is inspiring, to say the least. I am in awe of what you do, and love presenting it to area listeners – both suspecting and unsuspecting!

-Allison Schweitzer, WMV Founder

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